OM runs a one day conference designed to equip local churches around the UK in building bridges with their Muslim friends and neighbours.

Over 1,000 people working in almost 50 countries, sharing a common passion – to make Jesus known to their Muslim friends and neighbours. That’s what OM teams have been doing for 50 years – from the Middle East to Europe and from North Africa to Central Asia and beyond. As one of the largest global mission organisations reaching out to Muslims, OM is living and working where few others are.

Today, representatives from nearly every Muslim country can be found in the UK, either living here long-term or visiting from lands where access to the Gospel is limited.

In partnership with the local church, OM seeks to teach Christians how to respect, befriend and openly share their lives and values with those from an Islamic background.

This one day conference is an opportunity for your church to spend time together looking at the mission God has for us to build bridges with our Muslim friends and neighbours. 

To book an MACR Conference at your church, or for more information, please contact us today.