We envisage a day when there will be a vibrant community of Jesus followers within reach of every single person on earth.  

To enable this unique ministry to have the greatest global impact, we want to expand our reach using multiple ships. 

“…if we are ever going to reach people with the hope and good news entrusted to us that brings about transformation, we need a radical new vision,” writes chief executive officer of OM Ships, Seelan Govender,  “A vision to go further, stay longer and engage more deeply in the communities we visit.” 

With multiple ships, we could visit more ports every year. With more time to remain in port, we will have more time to serve vulnerable communities where churches do not currently have a strong presence. Increasing the number of ships will not only significantly increase the impact of our own organisation but is expected to birth many new like-minded groups. 

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Meet OM’s new ship, Doulos Hope

On Wednesday 25th May 2022, OM expanded its geographical reach by welcoming new ship, Doulos Hope to the fleet. After approximately 12-18 months renovation, she is expected to join Logos Hope in sharing knowledge, help and hope in 2023. 

Providing capacity for around 150 crew,  Doulos Hope has a shallower draft than her sister ship,  Logos Hope, allowing her to visit previously difficult to reach ports. 

“It is a privilege for us to join God in His mission to invite others to see transformed lives and communities. That is why we have chosen the name Doulos Hope, ‘servant of hope’,” says chief executive officer of OM Ships, Seelan Govender, “We are excited for this new phase of our ministry; we have always been passionate about building a community of disciples worldwide and vessels like Doulos Hope will help us realise this.”