At OM, we’ve sensed God’s divine prompting to pursue an incredibly bold and radical vision to bring the light of Jesus to many more of those three billion people. It is our belief that the best way to push darkness out of places untouched by the gospel is through ‘vibrant communities of Jesus followers’ being established – groups of people glorifying and worshipping God, loving their friends and  neighbours, just as we are loved by our heavenly Father.

We believe that by God’s grace, and by working with like-minded partners across the world, we can turn the tide by catalysing new,  ambitious initiatives in a new era for mission to enable growing numbers of men, women and children to experience the love of Jesus in  deep, transformative, ways.

God is moving in profound ways. We see signs of His presence in hard-to-reach places, which encourages us to believe that this holy vision is possible by God’s grace.

Why leave a legacy?

Because the need for mission is greater than ever!

Since 1960, the number of people who have never experienced Jesus through a believer that they know has doubled to three billion today. And that number is growing by 60,000 people a day. Each person has a face, a name, a story, and a heart that needs Jesus. Each person is special to Jesus.

There is an urgency to reach out in new ways to places untouched by the gospel. Our passion is that God’s love was made to be shared,  not contained. We pray that’s a passion you share.

Will you?

A gift in your Will, no matter how large or small, could make a crucial difference in creating opportunities for future generations of young people to live out their Christian faith both in the UK and around the world. Will you play a part in that future?

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