Below are some questions that we hope will help shape your thinking for taking your youth group on an OM outreach.

Questions to think and pray about:

  • Why do you want to go on this trip? Within all the logistics don’t lose sight of this.
  • How can you support those who are going?
  • What would you like God to do in you?
  • What would you like God to do through you?
  • Who is leading the trip?
  • Who will work with us to get details sorted?

What type of outreach?

We offer outreaches with many ministry options; practical, evangelism, children’s camps, teaching English, ministering to people with special needs, teenagers or the elderly, Bible studies, sports, or a mix of a few things.

Practical Details

Which dates work best?

Some countries offer year-round customised outreaches, so you could plan for Easter, Summer or a half-term week. You could go for 7 – 14 days. Please let us know the dates your group can go and we'll check availability with the team.

How much does it cost?

This varies depending on the country, outreach, and length you go for.

  • Accommodation, food, and in-country travel is £25 - £40 per person per day
  • OM UK admin fee: £35 per adult, minors don’t pay an admin fee
  • Flights (please don’t book until we have sent you an official acceptance email)
  • Insurance
  • Possible further costs – vaccinations, DBS check, visas, spending money, donation to ministry if desirable

Does your group want to fundraise?

Click here for some ideas for fundraising for your group and details on how to set up a fundraising page through OM.

When do I have to pay by?

Each adult pays their £35 non-refundable registration fee online when applying. Your flights will need to be paid for when booked, insurance shortly thereafter, and final balances to OM are due one month before departure.

What about vaccinations? is a helpful site, but each participant needs to contact their own GP for advice.

What about taking under 18’s?

Your church can decide on adult/youth/child ratio. Our Compliance Department has written our Parental Consent documents and we will make sure that all t’s are crossed, and i’s are dotted.

Application Process

What is the application process? All adults must apply. We recommend age 13+ also apply - we have a briefer Teen Application - so they can think through why they are going and what they believe, plus it’s a great life-skill! But if you would prefer to screen your own teens you can; we would then ask you to fill in a spreadsheet of information we require.

  • We send an email with a link to our online application form to the group leader or administrator, who can forward to those who wish to apply. It takes 15-30 minutes to fill in. (Or you send us a list of all applicants and their email addresses.)
  • Applicant submits their application, and then pays the £35 non-refundable deposit, if applicable.
  • OMUK contacts referees. If you know your applicants well and are comfortable recommending them, we can forego getting references.
  • We follow up on anything on the application that needs clarity. Some medical and emotional conditions may need to be discussed, and dietary concerns need to be approved by the OM team receiving the team.
  • If/when approved by OMUK, a summary is sent to the OM team you are joining for acceptance.
  • An acceptance email is then sent with further instructions about, among other things, costs owing, insurance, travel, prayer, preparation and getting a DBS check if needed. Your church may wish to do the DBS checks.

Other Things!

What about devotions and time together as a group?

Having time to pray and reflect as a group is an integral part of OM outreaches and we’ll build this into the programme. Come prepared to give your testimony to the rest of the group and possibly in a church.

What about preparations?

We have an online Preparation booklet which will help. There’s a possibility of an OM representative who could come to your church, or Zoom in to meet the team and present the outreach and details. We can send resources for you to use too. We are always only an email or phone call away for any information or help.

Do we have time off?

Most ministry days will be morning and afternoon, afternoon and evening, or morning and evening. We want to get a balance between making the most of your time and not wearing you out. Maybe a half day rest halfway through and a day for tourism at the end? If it’s just your group, you can customise the intensity of the outreach.

Taking the Next Step

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