Workers in Indonesia help vulnerable communities prepare for COVID-19. 

Though difficult, the present time is an opportunity for the Indonesian Christian population to share God’s love practically. 

Amy* works with rural, mostly Muslim communities in Indonesia, sharing the good news of the love of Jesus.  As of the 10th April, the Indonesian government had not put the country into complete lockdown, instead ordering a one-month closure of offices in the capital city of Jakarta and a ban on gatherings of more than five people. However, rural communities are mostly unaffected by these regulations. 

Amy explains, “We are focusing on one marginalised and vulnerable community, where people have less access to education and government support. They don’t have running water systems; they are low-income families or unemployed, with high hygiene risks due to unhygienic living conditions and seasonal flooding.” She adds, “These families live side by side in overpopulated areas which also causes viruses to spread much faster.” 

As soon as Amy and her team realised the severity of this coronavirus pandemic, she and her team sprang into action. Travelling door-to-door, the team aim to try and prepare these communities for the dangers they will face. They are distributing information brochures, explaining hand-washing standards and other preventative measures, and giving out care packs of essential items including soap and vitamins. 

The team also plan to set up water stations in the community and distribute food such as rice, sugar, salt and oil for families with low incomes.

Thanks to the relationship that has been built between OM and this community, many families know and trust the team and will accept the support they are offered, even if they do not fully realise the dangers they face from this coronavirus pandemic. 

The government urged people not to move around, even during Idul Fitri, a festival day for Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan. Amy prays that those who do not follow the governments regulations will have a change of heart and come to understand the severity of the situation. 

She is also concerned for those whose income is affected and prays that they will be strengthened and comforted. “I pray that during this trial, they will draw close together and that God will reveal His love and healing to them holistically,” she says, calling believers worldwide to join her in prayer.

* name changed
Please join with us in praying for vulnerable communities in Indonesia and workers as they seek to share God’s love practically in this difficult season.

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