For me, nothing is more important than sharing the love of Jesus with other women in my home country – women like Mariam*.

Mariam has been attending our women’s ministry, learning knitting skills so that she can provide for her children. Two years ago, her husband left to work in a gold mine in a neighbouring country; she hasn’t heard from him since, so the burden of care has fallen on her.

While training the women in knitting skills, we listen to an audio Bible in the local language. This is a wonderful way of sparking questions and conversation about the gospel. Mariam became intrigued by what she heard and was also very moved by the love we showed her and her children.

When the war in Ukraine began, the price of basic foods in our country rocketed. It was a challenging time for all of us, so we were overjoyed when we received food packages through donations made to the Mercy Appeal.

When we gave a food package to Mariam she said, “I remember the verse in the Bible saying we don’t have to worry about tomorrow because God will take care of all our needs...”

She knew the gift came from Christians living in other parts of the world who care about the situation we are going through. It was the final confirmation she needed; in that moment she recognised Jesus as the true God and gave her life to Him.

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*name changed