As this year’s Harvest thanksgiving celebrations will be taking place against the backdrop of the most devastating food crisis in living memory, would you consider supporting our Mercy Appeal today?

Right now, as many as 828 million people across the world are going to bed hungry every night. And around 50 million people in 45 countries are facing severe famine. We literally have no time to lose.

That’s why your gift is needed to share God’s love in practical ways and make His saving presence known to some of world’s hungriest people in places such as the Near East, North Africa and across the Sahel.

“Who’s giving this aid?” and we reply, “This is coming from the love of God in the name of Jesus Christ. He is providing this.” Pator Rebin

Inspired by the hope they have in Jesus, our OM partner serving in the Near East, Pastor Rebin* and his small team are buying and preparing food and hygiene packs before packing them in their truck and distributing them to thousands of people in multiple refugee camps – some with as many as 1,000 tents.

Rebin explains, “These people are completely and utterly dependent on food packs. Most importantly, while we give them food, we also take time to cry with them and share the comfort of the Lord. People always ask, ‘Who’s giving this aid?’ and we reply, ‘This is coming from the love of God in the name of Jesus Christ. He is providing this.’”

Hungry for Hope

This consistent example of sharing Christ’s love is bearing extraordinary fruit in a region where, just a decade ago, there were no known Jesus followers. In the last two years, Rebin has baptised nearly 80 new believers. In one refugee camp, he started a church in a tent, which was then converted into a simple structure with four walls.

This has now become a haven for those who have found hope and peace in Christ. Many more Jesus followers amongst the refugees meet regularly in small house groups. Rebin visits them too and says, “I spend most of my time teaching people and sharing the love of Christ”.

Each day, he and his team are showing that while it’s impossible for one person to change the world, it’s still possible to change the world for at least one person – one family – and even in a refugee camp through demonstrating practical love and the healing power of Jesus.

How can you help?

In situations like this, your gift of £45 could provide a food hamper for a family for a month, while also enabling people to hear the gospel and see the love of Jesus lived out for the first time in their lives.


* name changed for security reasons