In this latest edition of Ship to Shore we are reminded that amidst all the uncertainties and challenges we are facing in our world today, God is moving.

So many prayers have been answered as new paths have been forged for OM’s Ship Ministry, enabling the purchase of Doulos Hope and the launch of a new expansion programme which will see the love of Jesus shared with more individuals in port cities around the world. 

Praise God that OM’s Ship Ministry is seeing lives transformed by the gospel in densely populated port cities across the globe!

As Ship Ministry CEO, Seelan Govender, explains in a recent interview,

“We have seen ships become a catalyst for prayer, mission mobilisation, and partnerships around the world over the last 50 years.”

On board Logos Hope

In recent months, crewmembers of Logos Hope have been reaching out to local communities with practical support and words of hope. During the ship’s time in Seville, Spain, partnerships with local churches brought profound encouragement to all involved. The chairman of the ship visit committee, Pastor Antonio Gordillo Peña, thanked the crew of Logos Hope for uniting churches to serve God’s Kingdom together. We pray that such unity will be long lasting and bear much fruit.

Standing with us for the future

As we look to the future and the possibility of a fleet of ships enabling Jesus followers to engage deeply with communities who may never otherwise hear of Jesus, we are filled with expectation and hope. We are so grateful knowing that you journey with us.

Thank you!