Logos Hope has just arrived in the Canaries from West Africa and the crew is preparing for the upcoming annual dry dock and maintenance. We give thanks for the provision of enough project workers, ready to offer their skills to help with the necessary work, and ensure the ship can continue to sail for another year.

Praise God for the ship’s time in Liberia. Just recently ministry teams went daily to a local prison. Conditions there are difficult for the 1400 inmates who reside there, lacking space, water, food, and sanitation. They supported inmates practically by testing their eyesight, donating sewing machines, and helped in other ways. However, the main purpose of the visit was to spend time with the inmates and let them know how much they are valued by God.

Daniel Wren (United Kingdom) said, “It was incredible to see the huge smile on the prisoners’ faces who told us that they had spent years unable to read their Bibles while in prison, and now are able to because they got the correct reading glasses. We also had a prayer station where we had a team connecting with the prisoners and praying with them. We had some great experiences through that, such as seeing three people giving their lives to Christ and seeing the Holy Spirit really work in the officers’ and prisoners’ lives.”

Getting us through dry dock

As non-technical staff share the Gospel off the ship, on board the technical crew of electricians, engineers, plumbers, carpenters, plus more, continue to steward over God’s vessel, preparing her for continued Kingdom work. This essential work is both a legal and physical reality of operating a sea vessel, but fruitful. After this dry dock time, please continue to follow Logos Hope throughout this year’s ministry journey to Mediterranean countries.

Dry-docking and all related expenses such as service technicians, associated repairs, plus surveys, inspections and certification will amount to £500,000.

Would you consider donating to cover the costs of this year’s Logos Hope dry dock?


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