I have said, and I feel it strongly, that no matter how filled we are with the Holy Spirit, we are still human. Our humanness has its beautiful side and its messy side... Many of us (including me) do ridiculous things and say even more ridiculous things.

I have made mistakes in my life and ministry, and I know that many others have as well.

I hope that by sharing some of my own pitfalls, others may learn by observation to avoid serious damage to themselves and to the Body of Christ.

Messiology, 2016.

God is often working in messy situations, messy people. [That] doesn’t justify anything wrong, but it shows the greatness and the glory of God; the mercy of God to use all kinds of people. That’s why this loudmouth from New York City, New Jersey, ever was able to be used in kingdom ministry.

Moody Radio appearance, Chicago, 2014.