The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. —Psalm 34:18 (NIV)

Pray that war would cease and for justice and righteousness to be seen. Pray for leaders around the world to act with wisdom and compassion. Pray that those in need would find refuge and strength in the Lord. Pray for God's peace and protection on those in danger, experiencing fear, or grieving.

Alongside the humanitarian effort that OM are involved in on the ground aiding refugees in Ukraine and surrounding countries, we want to join with believers around the world and pray. 

Find things to pray for in these following videos and regular prayer updates:

Finding Refuge - A Ukrainian Mother’s Story

A Ukrainian mother shares her story of seeking refuge from war. It's one that echoes so many others now fleeing the country.

Prayer requests for Ukraine Week of 9th May

Please pray for our teams today and the next couple of days. May 9th has always been an important holiday but has turned into a day of ruin for Ukraine. Missile strikes over the last days has increased especially in the city of Odessa.

  • Pray for safety of family members of our teams still in Odessa. One of our team member’s mom lives close to the airport that has been hit twice.
  • Praise God that civilians have all been evacuated from Mariupol - Pray that the last of the Ukrainian military will also be able to be evacuated. In the eyes of many, this would be a great miracle.
  • Pray for logistics of distribution of aid in the midst of a huge crisis with fuel.

Prayer Requests for Poland Week of 9th May

At the Border

  • Although the numbers have been quite low and falling, now we are seeing some increase of refugees arriving on foot. We fell tension about the possibility of a ramped-up battle for the east and south Ukraine which might trigger another wave of refugees in the coming days or weeks.
  • At the moment, cars brought into Ukraine are tax free, which has created a huge opportunity for Ukrainians and currently the waiting time is around 36 hours to cross back into Ukraine. The line is multiple km long, so our teams go along the line to check, especially on families with children.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for the future of the ministry, especially as some of the NGOs have left and been replaced by others and there is a bit confusion going on, especially as one of the organisation’s contract finishes on the 24th May and we might take over from them.
  • Most of the people fleeing now have directly experienced war, they a very hurt and traumatised. Pray for those families as they are the most hurt and vulnerable, mostly without any resources and having lost everything.
  • In those that we cooperate with, we slowly see how fatigue is setting in and some of the uniformed personnel are not as kind and forthcoming as they used to be. Most of the enthusiastic voluntaries from other organisations have been replaced by paid personnel that just try to do their job and not as it used to be in the beginning. Pray for good atmosphere and for us being a good testimony.

Work in Kutno in OM church plant with refugees:

  • Accommodation - Whilst the group of more than 30 refugees who were living in the hotel have temporarily been able to stay for a little longer, we still need to find accommodation for them and those stuck at the church for more than 2 months and this remains the biggest challenge for us. Due to a shortage of housing and the skyrocketing rent, it is not easy to find suitable places for all of them. We have thought about purchase a house as a temporary shelter to help in the transition period of the refugees. Please pray with us that God may show us His plan and will and help us solve this crisis.
  • Resource Centre - Our resource centre currently supplies about 100-125 families every week and this week we prepared 50 food packages and disturbed to needy families. Please pray that we would continue to receive enough donations to keep this stocked up.
  • Child care centre - The purpose is to help take care of children who are still unable to enter
    kindergarten, so that mothers have the opportunity to find jobs. Our goal is to take care of up to 15 children, 5 days a week from 8:00-14:00 (longer if required). In the first week only 2-3 children attended because many were sick. Please pray for these children and that this facility would be a blessing to the mothers.

The Warsaw Convention Centre

  • This week and next week, we are organising two training courses in running programmes for
    children who have experienced trauma. Please pray that we would have many people attend and be equipped to support children in this crisis.

OM in Moldova - Leader giving report at the border

Prayer requests for Moldova Week of 9th May

  • Continue to pray for the ongoing refugee ministries in Moldova: 
    • Our presence at the border, offering food and other aid, information, fellowship and prayer. Pray that even though these encounters are short, refugees will receive comfort, as well as the immediate help they need. Pray for God to speak to those who browse and take something from our literature table, offering Christian booklets/tracts. 
    • Housing refugees at our OM centre, where we offer practical assistance, accommodation and food, as well as fellowship, activities, spiritual input and mentoring. Pray for these refugees to receive healing, hope and guidance for their future, and that they will see Jesus in us and have real encounters with God. 
    • Helping to coordinate the nationwide Christian response to the refugee crisis and providing aid for churches that have taken in refugees. A few days ago, we prepared a big number of food packages for refugees, which will be distributed by these churches. 
    • Organising and driving aid deliveries to OM in Ukraine, for further distribution there. 
  • Pray for wisdom and strength for all the permanent workers - in our OM team, as well as those connected to all the churches that are involved in the refugee ministry throughout the country.  
  • Pray that God will continue to provide the necessary finances and supplies, as well as additional helpers where needed.  
  • Pray for peace and calm to be maintained in the country - the recent attempts to stir unrest in Transnistria (Moldova’s separatist region) potentially creates tension between different groups within the population and more fear about Moldova being dragged into the war. 

Prayer requests for Czech/Slovakia Week of 9th May

  • In Bratislava, there is a Christian nursery for children from Ukraine which is being overseen by the organization ‘Spoločenstvo kresťanov Christiana’ (Christiana Christian Fellowship). The two ladies leading this project are Nataliia and Vierka. Nataliia fled from Ukraine to Slovakia just before the war, and together with her two children she ended up at the community center in Dúbravka, Bratislava. There she met Vierka, who had already been running a Christian community nursery for nine years in the same part of the city. Given that Nataliia is a nursery school teacher, everything fell into place. For some time Vierka had been thinking that the nurseries in Bratislava are already full and that it would be good to establish a nursery for children from Ukraine. They now have 21 children at their nursery, and they are planning on employing three more Ukrainian teachers. Please pray for the ministry to those Ukrainian children.
  • Please pray for the next SBU (Slovak Baptist Union) humanitarian aid shipment and distribution, which is currently taking place in Ukraine at this time.
  • Give thanks that a number of Slovak churches have begun to organize services or other Christian meetings in the Ukrainian language.
  • Regarding the Czech language courses, some of the students have returned to Ukraine, so there is now room for new students. However, the students who are already in the fifth lesson have to "slow down" and wait for the new students to catch up. Please pray for patience for those who are further ahead, and for those who have just joined to study diligently and catch up as soon as possible so that they can all continue at the same pace.
  • The Czech courses are now completely filled, but one problem concerns the discipline of some of the students. Some have arrived to class up to half an hour late, and some have not come at all without letting the teacher know. Pray for the students to take their Czech studies seriously, and for the teachers to have patience and determination in dealing with these issues.
  • There are many children under 15 among the students. Some of them are studying online at their schools in Kiev, but others are planning to start attending Czech schools after the summer break, so they really need to learn Czech. Please pray for these young students.
  • Last time we asked you to pray for a new place to live for a young Ukrainian mother and her child who are currently staying at a train station. The alternative place that the town has offered them is not actually a flat, but rather a small room on the outskirts of town. Since the mother works and her eight-year-old son goes to school near the train station, she has decided to stay at the station for the time being, but it is not a good situation. (Today we will bring her some basic furniture so that she can make the room a little more welcoming and more like ‘home’.) Please pray for a suitable flat near the school and for a reasonable rent that would be sustainable for the long-term, or for the provision of suitable work and accommodation in a different town.

Oh Lord, we cry out to You to draw near to the men, women and children in Ukraine, as well as those who have fled. We pray that You will work in this situation, and that many would experience the love of Jesus. Father, protect the vulnerable. We weep, Lord, and we know Your heart is broken for our very broken world.

Thank you for praying!

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