Modern, short-term mission agencies have often received people at a young age, with no real mission experience. On-the-field mentoring, the method used by Jesus, has proved to be one of the very best ways to produce long-term church leaders and missionaries out of such people. Some assume that if we have a large number of new, especially young, workers that they will not be well-qualified workers. My experience has shown me, and I love to testify to the truth of this, that God uses all kinds of people.

Grace-Awakened Leadership, 2010.

I believe that’s one of the reasons God has raised up movements like OM, YWAM and others, to give people a short term in which they can give thought, get to meet people who are involved in missions; get exposure to other nations, the situations, and yes — to the problems.

The short-term mission movement has launched more long-termers than any other movement, at least in the past 40 years. It’s been a privilege, an unworthy privilege. I’m an unworthy servant to be involved in it.

Canadian church mission conference, 2022.