TeenStreet exists to engage and unlock teenagers’ potential towards seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers amongst the least reached. We are committed to provide both teenagers and young adults opportunities to learn, grow, experience, explore, and fully live out God’s love and their God given talents & gifts.  

What do we do?

We inspire and equip a global teen movement of small groups to engage with the least reached. TeenStreet is living a life that has fun, goes deep, and lives boldly for Jesus.

We are committed to contribute positively to the growth of a vibrant community of Jesus followers by being actively involved with the least reached and inspiring others into involvement.

Who can be involved?

Christian teenagers of diverse ethnic background across the UK, aged 13-17 years old. Youth leaders across the UK serving with this age group and other people involved in teen ministry in the local church. Various denominations who want to equip and disciple teens to become disciple makers.

What we value

At TeenStreet we believe that teens are to be taken seriously. Their dreams and their struggles. They are the leaders of today and tomorrow. So, we need to invest in them. That is why TeenStreet exists.

At TeenStreet we want to create an atmosphere, where teens feel safe and inspired to really connect with each other and God, is in these three elements: have FUN, go DEEP and be BOLD.

HAVE FUN Life with Jesus is FUN! Having fun is crucial for teens to be able to create history together and build trust. Teens need to be at ease and to be able to open up. We believe there is a lot of entertainment in their lives, but we want to be a place where they have true fun.

GO DEEP The small groups facilitate for them to be real and go deep, in order to let God speak into their lives. They encourage and cheer for each other. It is a safe place to share their thoughts and to grow.

BE BOLD Teens are encouraged to find their own path with God and to reach out to the people around them. By giving teens a challenge, they know they matter and don’t get bored. God wants to use them.

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A year-round programme

TeenStreet is more than a one-week event. It’s a year-round discipleship programme. Through the year-round programme, we want to have impact by empowering youth leaders, providing resources to teens and youth leaders, hosting events and develop relationship with churches and organisations.

We use events as an accelerator. These events are important places where we explore a range of topics for challenging the existing culture. Our events are both in person and online, and they are aimed at both youth leaders and teens. Teen events. Youth leader events