In late 2021, God willing, Logos Hope will be in Africa to share the Good News of Jesus.

With more than 25 years of ministry on the continent, 700 adults serving with OM in Africa, are responding to the challenge of poverty, HIV/Aids, illiteracy, child soldiers, early marriages, street kids, Islam and syncretism. OM in Africa’s aim is to see 350 vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached by 2027. In order to achieve this, we are trusting God to call, prepare and send 5000+ new workers to and from the African continent by 2027.

What’s our plan?

OM in Africa’s aim is to recruit at least 40 Africans to serve on Logos Hope from November 2021 when the ship, God willing, will be in West Africa. We believe that local workers will bring great benefits to OM in Africa and the ship’s community. We are looking for at least two people from each country OM in Africa represents. The remainder will come from Ghana and Sierra Leone. The international cross-cultural exposure, discipleship environment and ministry & leadership training offered on Logos Hope will help prepare them for missions.

Who are we looking for?

OM in Africa is welcoming singles or couples who have a recommendation from a field leader and a local church leader, and willing to commit 3 – 6 months from November 2021 and can contribute financially to their medical insurance and travel. They will also have a willingness to return to a field within OM in Africa after their time on the ship, to share their experience.

May we ask you?

We would like to ask you to join us by investing in up to 40, potentially even more, African brothers and sisters.

To enable these workers to minister for 6 months on Logos Hope, we would need just over £800 per month for each person sponsored, or £5000 in total for one African trainee for 6 months on board. This includes all costs except medical insurance and travel to and from the ship, which are expenses that participants will cover themselves.

If more funds are raised than are needed for the ‘Africans Reaching Africans’, then gifts will be used to meet other similar ministry needs.

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