David Fry serves as the Field Leader for OM-EAST in Austria, formally known as Greater Europe which began its work in 1968 with an innovative vision to smuggle literature into Communist Europe.

David worked in R&D with an international telecoms company before being called into missions nearly 30 years ago. After graduating from All Nations College he joined Feba Radio in the Seychelles. In 2003 they moved to Vienna, Austria to work with Trans World Radio (TWR) in broadcast and distribution. In 2010 David became the technical director and worked throughout Europe, Central Asia and the Muslim World providing scalable digital solutions for a wide range of applications supporting the established radio ministry. David will lead OM’s media team at OM-EAST to help us produce resources and digital media in the heart languages of the Least Reached around the world.

David is married to Marlene, an Austrian Linguist who served two summers with OM in France in the 1980’s and they have 4 children.

Please pray for David and Marlene as they prepare for this new phase in their lives.

You can contact them at [email protected]

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Thank you for your support for David and Marlene