The Fugills have been part of OM since Allister took part in his first OM summer outreach back in the early 80's! Since then they have served with OM in many roles and in different countries including on-board OM Ships where Allister first served as a dentist on the MV Doulos, also in the 80's.

Claire first joined OM in 1989 as part of Love Europe and she and Allister met in the office in the UK where she was responsible for those wanting to join short term outreaches. Their two sons, Tom and Jamie, are both grown now, and both have also spent time serving on the Logos Hope.

Allister has had many roles in OM including Programme Director on the Logos II and Director of OM's TeenStreet ministry in Germany. These days, he focuses on web design and is the webmaster for OM in the UK.

As a family they have always had a passion to see young people thrive in faith and flourish where God leads them. It's a joy to be able to mentor those around them, whether in the church or in OM, and to see God active in their lives.

After more than 30 years in the movement, the Fugills are still going strong, and still making a difference! At the same time, they still need help from those who would partner alongside them financially and in prayer.

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