Katherine has been working in OM in Chile since September 2013. Originally joining the team to participate in their missions training programs, she returned to launch the language school project in 2015.

The school exists as a financial ministry to support OM in Chile in the different areas of need. We offer grants to Latin students to participate in the OM missions training programme and we support projects with least-reached people groups. The school also teaches future missionaries English or Spanish, a tool which will allow them to be a part of most cross-cultural teams.

The school receives both Christian and non-Christian students and provide a variety of courses. In 2019 we begun offering courses for churches which combine English lessons with teaching on missions.

In 2018, Katherine married Pancho. Pancho is currently studying Audio Visual Communication at university. They live in Santiago with their cat.

If you would like more information or would like to get in touch, email Katherine at [email protected]

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