I am originally from South Africa and now live in North Wales with my wife, Caroline. We have been serving in fulltime volunteer ministry since 2005.

I joined OM UK in March 2021 as Compliance Lead. My role is to make sure that OM UK is complying with all the legislative requirements governing charities. This includes the Charity Commission regulations, safeguarding, GDPR, health and safety, visa requirements etc.  Doing what I do, contributes towards supporting as well as helping those who are on the frontlines of reaching the most unreached people who have never heard the good news that Jesus Christ saves. Everyone who serves with OM UK collective supports the goal to try and reach the 3 billion who as yet have never heard the good news.  

Your support whether in prayer, financially or otherwise will be highly appreciated. By providing financial support helps to offset my cost to OM UK, making more funds available to support the outreach initiatives. Together we can take hands and build His kingdom as we walk in obedience of His commandments as set out in Matthew 28: 19 & 20. May we continue to follow in His footsteps as we fulfil His will and purpose in our lives.

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