Loraine joined OM over 20 years ago and has been on a number of fields contributing to the ministry using her administrative skills. She served for 3,5 years in OM South Africa as the personal assistant to the National Director, Peter Tarantal. She then joined the Doulos, one of OM’s ships for a period of 15 months, before moving to London to work with Viv Thomas.

After a short stint with Viv, Loraine moved up to Carlisle to serve on the International Co-ordinating Team, firstly organising the General Council conference in 2003 in Keswick which saw the handover of OM’s leadership from George Verwer to Peter Maiden. Following that, she worked as the International Personnel Administrator under Peter Nicoll.

In 2007, however, Loraine responded to a call back to the ship’s ministry and was part of the Logos Hope project, as well as serving on Logos II for her final tour to the Caribbean in 2008. Loraine then moved to Mosbach, Germany in August 2008 to work in the ships head office, where she continues to serve at this time.

Loraine was the Crew Manager for 7 years, ensuring that the Logos Hope had sufficient professional seafarers to sail, however, in 2015 she handed over that role to a new crew manager, but continues to serve as the Crew Administrator, as the role was too large for one person, and her God given gifting is better used in administration. Loraine and Keith Ross, the new crew manager, make a great team and continue to trust God to provide the necessary crew.

Thank you for your support for Loraine