You can demonstrate God's love during a crisis

Your gift to the Mercy Appeal will help followers of Jesus demonstrate God’s love to their neighbours in times of crisis. 

Already present on the ground, gifts provided to this fund will enable workers and local Jesus followers to respond to practical needs as disasters unfold. These could include natural disasters, conflicts or the current coronavirus pandemic.

For example, during the current coronavirus pandemic:

£12 could provide three hygiene kits

£45 could provide essential medical supplies

£85 could provide an emergency food pack

Regular monthly gifts help us to always be prepared and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

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In 2019 thanks to your gifts, the Mercy Appeal relieved the suffering of people in over 18 countries around the world, bringing relief during natural disasters, conflict, poverty, oppression and injustice. 

Your gifts enabled OM teams to respond to urgent cries for help from refugees in Bangladesh, the Middle East and Europe; victims of natural disasters in several countries throughout South East Asia, and alleviate the poverty of communities in Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Thank you.

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