John has been serving with OM Ships since 1985, Iris since 1995. John lived and served on board the Logos, Doulos and the Logos II for a total of over 13 years, while Iris has served 3 years on board OM ships at different times.

Since 1998 we have been serving in the Ships Headquarters in Mosbach, Germany, where John is responsible for the Literature side of the Ships ministry—the job of ensuring that we are able to get literature in the hands of those who visit Logos Hope in the different port cities of the world. He also oversees an OM Ships team based in Florence, South Carolina. Iris is part of the HR (Human Resources) team as a People Care Facilitator, encouraging holestic care for our workers.

Raising our three teens is a joy and a challenge at times! Daniel is 17 and just finished school and in the process of decide about his future. Luke is 15, almost 16, and is starting his last two years of High School. Talith is 13, and, like the boys, a beautiful gift from GOD.

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