Wayne and Hilary have served with OM for almost 40 years. They met at an OM conference in Germany in 1986 where Hilary (an ex-cop) was recruiting for the team in France. Wayne (a businessman) was heading for the Indian sub-continent and the OM Ships. They married in 1988.

After serving in hospitality ministry for OM in India and Nepal for several months, they returned to UK. There they became the hosts at West Watch, as part of the International Coordinating Team led by George Verwer. In 2005, they relocated to serve at the US headquarters with their two teenage daughters.

Today, Wayne continues to use his gifts as a networker to broker great deals for team events and training conferences. He also coordinates the regular collection and distribution of donated food items for the growing OM USA team. Hilary initially acted as a Placement Advisor for 15 years vetting overseas applicants. More recently, as “Active Seniors”, their ministry is focused on connecting with other OM Seniors to offer encouragement, prayer and hospitality. Hilary will help interview OM seniors for purposes of preserving their stories for the OM Historical Archive

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