I wanted to go to one of the toughest countries in the world where there’s been no church before, because I wanted to do something really significant for God,” said Theresa*.

She arrived in the region over 20 years ago, when the only way to move to the Arabian Peninsula as a single woman was through her profession. As a physiotherapist, Theresa said becoming a marketplace worker was a natural fit.

“I think it is the coolest job there is because I get to meet a variety of people from different nationalities, and then I can walk a road with them. They keep on coming [for treatment], and if they’re really open for the Gospel, I develop friendships and go deeper,” she shared.

As she daily allows God’s Spirit to fill her up, Theresa finds it easy to speak into people’s lives from the overflow of her relationship with Jesus Christ. “In this country, a lot of people are not certain about their jobs, or their future, and they experience a lot of stress. It manifests in their bodies, so we treat the body,” she explained.

Through continued appointments and Theresa’s loving concern, many people open up about the things causing them stress.

“I have experienced how Jesus Christ is the only one who can give peace in different situations, so it’s easy and so natural for me to listen to them and then point them to Jesus,” she shared.

One lady who had an appointment with Theresa told her, “Our hearts are black; your heart is white.”

“You don’t even know me,” Theresa responded. “I can see, your heart is white,” the woman insisted.

“That to me was such a blessing because...she didn’t even know me for 10 minutes, but she noticed the Spirit of Jesus Christ in me,” Theresa shared. “If we become who God has made us and we fill ourselves with His presence, it’s just so easy to witness.”

Living missionally in the Arabian Peninsular requires professional excellence and daily humble obedience to God, she emphasised.

“Whether He’s made you a mum or a doctor or a teacher, walk out your calling to the best of your ability, 100 per cent in line with God, and then, things happen because God’s at work.”

*Name changed

Love your job and love Jesus?

You don’t need to quit your job to go into mission. Marketplace workers take their professions to least reached countries, working and sharing the love of Jesus simultaneously. Find out more about using your profession in mission below.

Using your profession in mission