Gifts to the Emergency Mercy Appeal for COVID-19 relief have enabled teams to support some of the world’s most vulnerable people during this season.

When Musa* and his family fled Afghanistan, they found a warm welcome at OM’s refugee centre in Athens, Greece. They had been coming to the centre regularly for English lessons, and conversations over tea and coffee. A quiet oasis in a busy city, Musa was able to find friendship and get to know the OM workers.

When Greece went into lockdown, OM in Greece was able to offer food packs to refugee families who would otherwise have gone without. Pazir*, an Afghan worker, called Musa’s family and invited them to come and collect some rations.

Musa told him, “We are thankful that you are not only with us during good times, but you also help us even in difficult times.”

Pazir explained why he was helping them, and shared the Gospel with Musa.

Musa’s family had been watching the Christians every week at the centre and could see they were sincere. Musa was interested in knowing more. His family started attending a Farsi Fellowship, and are discovering more about Jesus.

*Name changed

The team in Greece are continuing to support 50 refugee families with food packs, and are also looking to work alongside a lawyer to assist refugees with asylum applications.

Please pray for the refugee ministry in Greece. Pray that relationships will continue to be built and that many would be drawn to the Farsi Fellowship through the compassion of OM workers. Pray for those who are already curious, and already hearing about Jesus - pray for them to grasp the Gospel of grace, and to recognise Jesus as God incarnate.

If you'd also like to support this work financially, you can do so through the Mercy Appeal.

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