Jesus left His followers with a promise. It was an invitation to join in God’s ongoing mission to share His transforming love to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). The question for us today is, how do I find my place?

REACH (formerly Missions Discipleship Training) exists to help you answer that question, by committing five-six months to God and discovering your place in His mission. Here’s how it works!

1. Explore your own story

Your past and your present – all the interwoven experiences in your life make you, you.

REACH offers a secure, supportive, prayerful community where you will have time to reflect on your story, while exploring your present gifts, skills and passions. Knowing who you are, and how your unique life story contributes to your identity, is essential in discovering how you can best serve God in mission.

We each come from different places and perspectives but are united in one good news (Gospel) story. Your story will find life-giving roots and meaning when it is embedded in His.

2. Discover your place in God's story

From Genesis to Revelation we see God’s love expressed in His commitment to relationship, to justice, to community, to the poor, to the Church, and to eternity. This is God’s story.

There is a place for you in that story.

REACH takes place within a community of those who are actively living out God’s love in cross-cultural contexts. This means that REACH is not limited to the classroom. You will be able to discover your passions and your gifts by gaining practical mission experience alongside some of these workers.

3. Set foot on the ground 

An essential part of discovering your place in God’s mission is stepping out, to serve in unknown places, and exploring where He may be calling you to in the future.

During REACH you will spend a few months serving full-time with an existing OM ministry. With opportunities spanning continents and cultures, you will have a unique opportunity to share God’s love in cross-cultural contexts with the guidance of long-term workers.

Throughout this we support you to continue to reflect on your story, in the context of God’s story, with an eye on what God may be calling you to in the future.

Words by Arthur Magahy

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