One way that a church can partner with OM is to support a project or workers to help share God’s love to those who have never heard. This could involve identifying a country or a people group which the church has a particular interest in and then highlighting a specific project or ministry there. OM would provide details of how the support of the church would help to develop that ministry. It's common for opportunities to arise for leaders and church members to participate in a vision trip, allowing partners to witness the ministry impact first hand. We also provide regular reporting so the partnering church knows how the funds have been used and can have their prayers informed.

Listening first

One church in the south of England was interested in OM’s work in a country in South East Asia. One of our team met with the church and shared about ways in which they could support this work.

A committee from the church met to discuss different opportunities and identified that they wanted to support teams working to make disciples in some of the hardest to reach parts of the country. We then organised for a small team from the church to visit the country and see the ministry for themselves. Following the visit, the church established a three-year programme to ensure this particular ministry had the opportunity to flourish.

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