Working in over 120 countries and two ships, with ministries that include church planting, urban outreach, professional placements, sports and arts ministries and many more, there are a huge range of opportunities for churches to get involved in short and longer-term mission. 

OM can help a church to identify opportunities to send a team on short-term outreach to a country or ministry that they have a particular connection to, or can provide recommendations as to where they may be able to serve most effectively.  

If the church has someone that believes God is calling them into longer-term mission, OM can walk alongside the church to help find the best place for them to serve with the particular gifts and skills that God has given them.

We have an experienced team who can help with every detail of arranging a team or sending an individual, couple, or family out into long-term mission. 

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An opportunity to grow with God

One church in Scotland had been supporting a number of long-term OM workers for a number of years. They expressed an interest in sending some of the young people out on a short-term outreach. The following summer, one of the teams went to Moldova, where the group of around 10 young people had a fantastic experience sharing the good news of Jesus in several remote villages. 

A few months later, when there was a baptism service at the church, five of the young people getting baptised said that going on this  trip helped them grow in their relationship with God and had been a significant factor in their decision to be baptised. 

One of those who had been on the team then went back to Moldova to join a six-month Missions Discipleship Training programme and has subsequently joined OM in the UK full time. 

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