“It was utterly life-changing,” Jess says, reflecting on the six months she spent training for mission on a REACH programme in Moldova.

“The Bible teaching, the personal investment, the outreach opportunities and the experience of the culture around us – all these things were amazing and I’ve come away loving Jesus even more (if that’s possible!) and so ready to be involved in God’s mission.” 

Before going on the REACH programme Jess didn’t think of herself as being someone who was equipped to share God’s love.

“I didn’t identify with the word ‘evangelist’ at all, I didn’t think it was for me,” she explains. “But since studying the Great Commission in Matthew 28, I know that we are all called to make disciples. I have had a complete change of mindset!”

While on outreach – serving the Roma-Gypsy community in Moldova – Jess was able to put into practice all she’d learnt. “I had such a heart to share Jesus with the people I met,” she says, “and a new confidence to step out.”

Jess has felt God’s prompting and knows that the next stage for her is to serve on the REACH programme in Moldova for a season so that others can be trained for mission and more hearts transformed for God’s glory.  

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