Arbër is a 30-year-old man who came to faith while in prison, seven years ago. As soon as he was released, he joined a local church and, three years later, he started as a prison chaplain in a high security prison.

He visits the prison twice a week to meet inmates, do Bible studies and play games. Male crewmembers had the opportunity to join Arbër visiting the prison and even played football matches with inmates. The crew also donated blankets and pillows as well as football shirts and balls. 

Crewmember Luke Baard (South Africa) said, “At first, we were nervous being in a high security prison, but the welcoming hearts of the inmates helped us connect with them. The hospitality and generosity these inmates showed the team was unforgettable.” 

“Today was a special day as a team from Logos Hope came!” said Arbër. “We [talked] a lot with inmates I never met before as [normally] they don't join us. But today we had a wonderful time.”

“We had a lot of good discussions and they had joy today, they smiled, they laughed with us and they also offered us drinks and chocolates. They also asked me to invite them to the next meeting when I come again!”

Your generosity to the Christmas appeal could support Jesus followers like Arbër who are engaged in vital community projects in port cities around the world.

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