Thank you for requesting your Ordinary to Extraordinary resource pack for Advent. We have plenty of downloadable resources including printable / shareable PDFs and videos.

Ordinary to Extraordinary Leaders Guide (PDF)

This is your overview guide to running your own programme or service. This includes things such as sermon notes, children’s talk notes and prayers.

Download the Leaders Guide

Ordinary to Extraordinary Leaflets & Posters (PDF)

Ordinary to Extraordinary Info Leaflet: This is a helpful background document you can share with your congregants that explains more about the campaign and gives them an opportunity to hear real-life testimonies of ordinary Christians taking part in God’s extraordinary mission. You can print it, put it on your website or send it via email.

Download the Info Leaflet

The Programme Poster: You can use this editable PDF poster to add your Ordinary to Extraordinary event details. This will allow you to print it for display on your church notice board or send it via email or WhatsApp.

Download the Church Pack Programme Poster

The Giving Poster:  You can use this poster to remind your congregation how their Christmas offering will make a difference. Easy to print for display, but you can also send digitally too.*

Download the Church Pack Giving Poster

Powerpoint Template

Here is your editable powerpoint template. You can use this to bespoke to include your own sermon or talk points. You can also use it to create your church announcements to increase awareness of the campaign.*

Download the Ordinary to Extraordinary Powerpoint Template

Social Images to Share

You can use this image to prompt your congregants about a Christmas offering after or during your service – perfect for social media, WhatsApp and websites.*

Giving Image Generic Social Images

Logo Pack

Do you have your own media team or have existing channels of communication? Here are some logo images you can incorporate into your own promotional tools for your website or announcements.

Download the Ordinary to Extraordinary Logo Pack

Optional talk from Matthew Skirton (Video)

Using the sermon notes from the leader's booklet, UK Chief Executive, Matthew Skirton provides  20-minute talk as an optional extra. You can either use this as part of your advent programme or just use as an extra piece of content to share with your church. You can either share the link or download to stream.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Video)

Ordinary people have been used to be part of God's mission for thousands of years. This has not changed and God continues to delight in doing this today. You can either share the link or download to stream.

'The Angel Who Couldn't Sing' (Video)

One of the highlights of our Ordinary to Extraordinary Christmas resources is this animated video, The Angel Who Couldn’t Sing.

With a running time of around eight minutes, this delightful story is sure to appeal and speak to people of all ages. You can either share the video link or download to use in your programme. You are welcome to stream it as part of your live or prerecorded virtual service.

'The Angel Who Couldn't Sing' Christmas Quiz (PDF)

Here is the children's quiz sheet you could use as a follow-up activity to engage children after watching the video.

Download the quiz sheet

'The Angel Who Couldn't Sing' Colouring Sheets (PDF)

Here are some colouring sheets you can share with families in your church.

Download the colouring sheet

We also have some helpful FAQ pages here

Background Information to Ordinary to Extraordinary

5 Ways to use the Christmas Resource Pack

Giving to the Christmas Appeal

If you have any questions about using this resource, please email [email protected].

*Depending on how you facilitate your offering, you might need to think about providing information on how to give. Whatever works for you.