As you stand shoulder to shoulder with others at church services through Advent, joining voices to adore Christ the Lord, why not take a moment to turn your attention to the billions in our world today who are yet to hear that God became incarnate for them. 
The invitation at Christmas is for all to come and adore Christ the Lord. Join with us as we pray and raise support for those who do not have the opportunity to be part of a worshipping community this Christmas. 


CLICK HERE to find and download the Christmas Appeal Video to use in your advent and carol services. OM workers, like Rachel in Austria and Steven in Tanzania, are using their musical gifts to reach others with the gospel – discover more about their creative outreach ministries and how their cultures will be worshiping our Lord this Christmas.  

Download or order resources

You can download a PDF, or order a free box of leaflets, full of stories and inspiration to have available at your Christmas services. These leaflets will guide individuals in how they can pray and/ or give, so that all may come to adore Him.  

Download the leaflet

You can also download

Make a group donation

If you wish to fundraise towards the OM Christmas Appeal and make a group donation as a church, click HERE and follow these simple steps. 

Adapting this appeal

If you are using this appeal in a Carol Service, where many individuals who don’t yet follow Jesus are present, you may want to slightly adapt the language you use when introducing the appeal.  

We suggest focusing on the opportunity we have to come together to sing carols and worship Jesus – how important, uplifting and exciting this feels. Highlight that there are billions of people in our world today who don’t know about the story of Christmas and don’t have the opportunity to be welcomed into a community who celebrate and honour this story; a remarkable story of truth and love, which has the power to deeply transform the lives of those who hear and believe it. Invite those who want to, to pray or give so that all will have an opportunity to adore Christ the Lord, just as we are doing today.  
We recommend using this video in your outreach services.    

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