Logos Hope: 1 or 2 years on board

Volunteering on board Logos Hope, you will be living in a unique international community, and be impacted as you participate in this life-changing adventure. Read more

Logos Hope: 2nd & 3rd Engineers

We are looking for qualified marine engineers to help keep the ship sailing. Read more

Logos Hope: AV Technician

The AV team oversees sound lighting and video support for the public events and programs run on board and onshore as well as for the internal programs aboard MV Logos Hope. Read more

Logos Hope: Chief Cook

Lead the catering team on Logos Hope to cater for the ship's company and guests. Read more

Logos Hope: First Engineer

Have the opportunity to invest in young people and use your technical skills to keep a life-changing ministry operating. Read more

Logos Hope: IT Technician

The INT team supports the onboard crew with INT functions aboard the MV Logos Hope and ensures the systems required to perform those functions are available and functioning correctly. Read more

Logos Hope: Journalist

Use your special ability to inform and inspire through storytelling with the written word and be a part of the OM Ships team sharing knowledge, help and hope. Read more

Logos Hope: Machinist

The Logos Hope is in need of an experienced machinist to produce one offs and low volume parts for use on-board. Read more

Logos Hope: Nurse

We are looking for a qualified nurse to provide on board medical care and treatment for crew & guests under the direction of the ship’s physician. Read more

OM Ships: Logos Hope STEP programme

Life on the ships is fast-paced and can be intense. Come with a servant heart, an attitude to learn, and willingness to be flexible and this could be the experience of a lifetime. Read more