Mixing our spiritual and professional lives: how are my studies connected to my faith?

"Though I was passionate about what I was learning, my faith had deepened over the course of my degree – including being strongly influenced by several mission trips –and I increasingly found myself asking: how can I connect my studies to my faith?" Read more

Reaching Our Muslim Neighbours

In late July, a team of 12 passionate individuals embarked on a transformative outreach adventure titled "Reaching our Muslim Neighbours." Read more

A Prayer For TeenStreet

Let us be keenly aware of the significance of this moment as we pray for teens and their leaders during TeenStreet. Read more

The next generation of disciple makers

Madalin, a volunteer youth worker from north London, shares how the TS movement is enabling the youth he serves to become strong disciples of Jesus. Read more

No mountain too high

Sharing Christ’s love in rural mountainous regions can be an almost impossible task. Houses dot the ridge lines, and only small clusters of homes sit in the valleys, isolated from others by a lack of roads. Read more

Boldly sharing the love of Jesus

Young people from a Turkish-speaking church in London are sharing God's love with passers-by through Holy Week. Read more

The Impact of Discipleship

Esther*, a young 26-year-old woman from South East Asia, is helping – simply but powerfully – transform lives and communities through discipleship. Read more