Germany: MDT Love Europe

MDT - Love Europe is a gateway into Missions in Europe. Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is an intensive training program aimed at equipping you for a missional life wherever God calls you.Read more

Ireland: MDT Immersion Trainees

If you are interested in taking a year abroad, are looking for a college placement, or feel a career break might be needed in the near future, then Immersion should rank highly on your possibilities list!Read more

Moldova & Romania: MDT Extreme (MDT e³)

MDT e³ is an intensive training programme aimed at equipping you for a missional life which makes disciples of others, wherever God calls you. This programme can be extended to 1 year if you would like to go to a mission field after the training, either in Moldova or another country.Read more

UK: Missions Discipleship Training (MDT)

MDT exists in the UK to train disciples for mission in an urban context.Read more