Makwati Community School

Helen Hawkes

As a school, we have been communicating with Makwati School and have shared some prayers and some of our children's work. We are keen to support the children there especially at a time, when food prices have risen due to Coronavirus. We would like to raise funds so that our children can contribute to the school dinners so every child there is fed well to enable them to do their best learning!

Cycling from London to Stockholm for the Turks of Europe!

Deniz Muletarov

One Turkish follower of Jesus, one bicycle, 30 days, 2000 km, two time zones… and one big goal: to raise awareness and financial support for a new initiative to make the truth and beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ clear to the Turks of Europe.

Walking the Borders Abbeys Way

Jayne Henderson

After years of working with OM we are now trying to raise money to further their work by supporting Matt as he starts to work with OMNIvision.

Steve's Everest Challenge for Logos Hope

Steve packwood

I want to do a challenge during lockdown to raise funds for Logos Hope