Wherever you are in your faith journey, and whatever stage of life, Operation Mobilisation (OM) are able to connect you with global mission opportunities to discover, develop and apply your God-given gifts to live out His love.

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Short Term Outreaches

Go and experience God at work around the world. Learn and grow as you step out in faith


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Join one of our international mission teams for a year or more. Live out Love across countries and cultures.


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Training for Mission

REACH Training for mission. Know what you believe and why, and gain confidence in living out God’s love in any situation.


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Swipe stories of God at work

  • How can we revitalise our Christian youth?

    Matthew Skirton, UK Chief Executive, is passionate about seeing the next generation of Jesus followers boldly live out their faith. Read more

  • Four reasons cities matter for mission

    Cities are vitally important for the future of world mission. We must invest in cities as key places of impact and strategic mobilisation. Read more

  • Three things we've discovered since saying 'yes' to God's call

    Steve and Sandie joined OM in 1985. Their ministry with OM has led them to many corners of the world, including Belgium, India, Bangladesh, the UK and numerous port cities on board OM's ship, Doulos. Read more

  • The core of discipleship

    Nadar and his wife continue to choose to serve in their home country of Pakistan where they work to see many more Jesus followers equipped and inspired to share their faith with neighbours and friends. Read more

  • Transformation through education

    By giving young people a chance to continue their education, Jo explains: “we become God’s instruments in transforming their lives." Read more

  • A place amongst the nations

    Stacy shares God's love through her medical skills, serving the nations from East Africa to the US-Mexico border to the Middle East. Read more

  • Joining in with God's mission

    Raffy joined the TeenStreet team as a young leader after taking part in the Gap Year Challenge and serving with outreach teams in the Himalayas and Moldova. Read more

  • Building bridges through literature

    Sharing Christ’s love in rural mountainous regions can be an almost impossible task. Houses dot the ridge lines, and only small clusters of homes sit in the valleys, isolated from others by a lack of roads. Read more

  • We must not stop praying

    Recently, we spoke to British national Sam Hughes, a children’s worker from the Isle of Wight who has been living in Odessa, Ukraine, for the past 5 years. Read more

  • You have a place in His unfolding story

    Arthur Magahy, leader of REACH: The City, explores the need to stop, reflect and learn from our own stories, rooting them within God's bigger, unfolding story. Read more

  • Threads of forgiveness

    The thread of forgiveness runs through Natalya*, a Jesus follower who now leads teams in the North Caucasus and others serving Him in the area. Read more

  • Where are Christians in the chaos?

    As OM’s Ship Ministry launches a new phase of expansion, chief executive officer, Seelan Govender, shares the motivation behind the vision. Read more

Swipe featured outreaches

Swipe training for mission

  • REACH in Zambia 2024

    REACH in Zambia exists to train believers in Spiritual Formation, to grow and continue to grow in their knowledge of, intimacy with and obedience to God Read more

  • REACH in Ghana

    REACH in Ghana exists to inspire, disciple and equip Jesus followers to move into a different cultural context and reach the least reached with the gospel! Read more

  • REACH in Brazil

    REACH In Brazil offers an exciting introduction to cross cultural mission for Portuguese or Spanish speakers, while helping them deepen their relationship with God and to grow in discipleship. Read more

  • REACH in South Africa

    REACH South Africa is an intensive programme which is focused on helping you to live life and to be equipped for the future ministry opportunities. Read more

  • REACH in the UK 2023

    REACH exists in the UK to train disciples for a missional lifestyle. Read more

  • REACH in Moldova and Romania 2024

    REACH in Moldova and Romania (formally MDT) is an intensive discipleship training program aimed at equipping you for a missional life. Read more

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    Are you Flexible, Adaptable and Teachable? You will be after you serve with OM Ships! Find out more about life on board Logos Hope and Doulos Hope.

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God is using us

  • It was life changing, and I really appreciate the opportunity. I am far more mature spiritually and in general.

    Jothan - 3 months onboard Logos Hope

  • “When asking Muslim Background Believers who have taken months to get to a fairly safe place only a few miles to Hungary what they wanted our church to pray for. I was humbled when they said 'more of the Holy Spirit'. I would have asked for asylum in the EU. Their commitment to their faith was so strong I felt ashamed at my shallowness.”

    Tom- 1 week in Serbia

  • REACH was a great experience which provided an opportunity for real personal and spiritual growth. It allowed me to learn more about how to live as a disciple of Jesus and opened my eyes to the urgent need of the gospel to be shared in Europe.

    Clare- 6 months REACH Europe

  • So, what specifically have I learnt? The people in North Africa are some of the kindest, most welcoming, friendly people you will ever meet. And that God has a huge heart for, not only these people, but for the people of the world as a whole.

    Claire- 3 weeks North Africa